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Saturday, 9 February 2008


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Jazz's First Ever Award!

Thanks so much to the gorgeous Sam, Sabrina & Simon for giving JazzyJ an award :o) She's thrilled, and is prancing around YOW-ing even more than normal this morning!

We are instructed to send this to 10 Blog Writers of outstanding style and ability - Jazz hasn't been in the blogosphere very long, and has noticed that a lot of her lovely new friends already deservedly have the award! But she would like to in turn pass it on to;

Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat
Daisy the Curly Cat
Gypsy & Tasha
Riley & Tiki

Have a lovely weekend efurryone!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Vet Rant

It's been a week today since we lost Stanny, and I get home tonight to find a bill from the vet. £15 'exotic euthanasia'. Over the last 14 months I've spent close to £1,000 with that vet, and just...would you not think....maybe just once....they could forget it? Or at least...give me a little more time before firing a reminder of last Friday at me? I've had to go through the hassle of calling them up and paying over the phone, getting all teary again, all for the sake of a measly £15. I've always been a fan of my local vet since moving here, but over the last few weeks...I'm getting tired of them. When they anaesthetised Noggin to see if his lump was an abscess or a tumour they ended up charging me £89 - just for knocking him out, deciding it was an inoperable tumour and putting him to sleep. And that time I had to pay there and then. I'm about through with them I think.

Classifying rats as exotics is just ridiculous. They're, God love 'em, vermin. I adore them and wouldn't be without them, but there's nothing bloody exotic about them it's just a way to squeeze more cash out of you all the time.

Time to look around for a new vet I think.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

bit of a change

Jazz's blog from now on will include Jazz's mum's WoW obsession, and Jazz's friends the rats :)

Lap Cats

Little & Large

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Getting bigger...

Jazz is getting bigger and heavier and snugglier with each passing day.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Tribute to a Legendary Rat

Seems odd to mention rats on Jazz's blog, but just to let you know there probably won't be any updates for the rest of the week. My ancient, much loved rat Stan is very poorly, and there's nothing the vet can do. It's a tough time for us as he's a huge part of the family. We have him home with us for a couple more days to spoil him rotten, but on Friday the decision has to be made :( His brother went to the bridge 2 weeks ago, and I'm sure they miss each other something chronic.

Jazz doesn't mind Stanny posting a pic here, as he's a legend in his own right.

This was taken awhile ago, right now he has a tumour on his side which is now almost as big as he is, and growing faster by the day :( It first appeared around 3 months ago, but due to Stan's advanced age and breathing problems the vet wouldn't consider operating. It was instead decided to let him carry on for as long as he was comfortable.

The worst thing in the world about having pets is having to make this awful decision for them - as to what's best and when it's time. Rats, dogs, ferrets, doesn't matter what hurts just as much no matter who it is.

*Update* - Stan went to the bridge on Friday evening. We miss him terribly :(