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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Harness help

Does anyone have any recommendations for cat harnesses? Right now Jazz is still tiny but I'd love for her to be able to go out in the garden. I'd imagine normal cat harnesses would be way too big - does this look like it might be any good? I'm clueless given that all my other cats have just gone in and out as they please. Jazzy can't go out until she's been spayed - breeder's wishes and of course it makes sense.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


Beezer said...

Hi Jazz!
I don't go out so I don't know anything about harnesses. But you should ask Daisy. She's a small kitty and she has one that she really likes. Her blog is here:

dianthias said...

Lacey uses the larger one but it has a tendency to twist when she starts rolling.

Anonymous said...

I used a rabbit harness when ollie was temperaraly blinded that time! He was under a year old and very skinny. The one I got was off the local market and was adjustable to a very small size. If I still had it Id send you it! Oh if they still have them when I go on wednesday I will get you one. They only a couple of quid, so if its no good you could chuck it.

SueG said...

Would Jas's breeder have any ideas for you?

Daisy said...

That little harness might work well. I started off using one similar to that. I am NEVER allowed outside without a harness and leash, or in my stroller because it is Not Safe. I recently won a Puppia harness which I really like. I have the size Small and it is just a tiny bit large on me. I weigh just over 6 pounds now. I think they make them in a size extra small which might work for you.