Cats, Rats & WoW: Jasmine - aka Jazzy J

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Jasmine - aka Jazzy J

Jasmine has decided to join Blogger, as phlog isn't too reliable. She's a 14 week old lilac point Siamese, who's been with us for just a week. She's the first Siamese we've ever had, and would love to make some meezer (and non-meezer too of course) friends.

Jasmine is the first cat we've ever got from a breeder, rather than from a shelter, and it's lush to have a kitten in the house. Although I do feel guilty for not giving a shelter cat a home, I can't wait to watch her grow up into, no doubt, a spoilt rotten regal meezer. For once I have a cat who's plenty young enough to insure, which is a big weight off my mind.

Hopefully this blog will be a record of her life, and may it be a long & happy one!!


vg said...

Pretty girl

Jazz said...

..oh and she knows it ;)

topcatrules said...

Oh my stars!

We LOVE her! We are a house of three cats (and we have two teenage boys), a tuxie, a torti and THE SIAMESE!

Who are you? I'M THE SIAMESE!

Do you always have to yell? USUALLY!

:) Purrs from Tigger the FBI Cat and also the other two, Trixie and naughty little Pyewacket.

Jazz said...

lol, thanks :) we're learning ALL about the siamese yell thing ;)

Parker said...

Hi Jasmine, you are quite the looker!

Team Tabby said...

Hi Jazz, you are very purrty. No doubt you will turn into that spoilt rotten kitty - but, hey, enjoy it - we do enjoy our cushy life, ha, ha.

Moe & Mindy